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Audi 5000

I love me some LL Cool J. The way old dude licks his lips is something magical! Since my husband reads my blogs, let me add that LL's juicy lips and big brown eyes aren't half as sexy as my hubby's (Love you, bae!)

Did you notice the title of this blog? According to urban folklore, it's a phrase coined by LL. It means "Outtah here!" Sometimes you've just got to go. Have you ever outgrown anything? Not like your business attire because of pandemic pounds. I mean friendships.

We can be loyal to a fault. Why do we maintain relationships that no longer serve us? You can love a person to pieces, but if they no longer fit your goals or cause chaos to your spirit, let them go. How can you thrive with folks holding you back? I'm not saying you should cut ties with your friends just because you see things differently. They're friends, not clones. I'm talking about the ones who discourage or belittle you. I'm talking about the ones who only want to club, but you are no longer a clubber. I'm talking about the ones who tell you starting your own business is a waste of time. I'm talking about the ones who tell you you're crazy for not wanting to get married or have kids. Y'all know who I'm talking about. You can probably picture their faces right now. Girl, bye.

Let go of any relationship that contradicts where you are or where you are going. As the rapper, not as sexy as my husband, says "Audi 5000."




Those lips! Lord have mercy.

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