Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I'm 48 and just got my first (and likely last) tattoo. I've already discussed this with my FOCAL POINT village. If you're a member, you already know the story! If you're not a member of my new, exclusive FOCAL POINT group, try to keep up!

I'm a creature of habit. I always order strawberry snowballs. I wear the same perfume everyday. My nails are always painted with #181. When my sister calls, I answer the phone the same silly way (she cracks up every time!) I like knowing what's coming. I like being prepared. I prefer predictability. While this has been a comfortable groove, I felt like I was always playing it too safe. Like bubble wrap safe. Was my life just that phenomenal or was I afraid of something? I suppose I was afraid of messing up. If I broke my flow, what the heck was gonna happen? Would I melt? It was a possibility, you know. Soooooo, I started doing things outside of my comfy spot. I started speaking up more and explaining less. I danced in a country music video! I got inked! It was an adjustment for me and caught many of my family and friends off guard. "Harpo, who dis woman?"

We all have a comfort zone. It's where we feel safe, protected, and in control. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and really ask yourself "Why am I playing it bubble wrap safe?" Are you afraid of failure? So what! Dip your toe in the water and see what happens. Let me know when you finally dive in!