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I am a Psychologist, Not an Influencer

It's been a minute, huh? Well, I needed a break. Yep. I was burned the heck out. To make sure I didn't roll back into that same funk, I had to do a little reflecting. Some soul searching.

I was spending a lot of time recording, editing, scheduling, Facebooking, Gramming, and TikToking. I was constantly counting likes, shares, and comments. It was exciting! I feverishly shared my videos with everybody and their maw. Seeing those viewing numbers go up was thrilling! Then, it became an obligation. A burden. One day, it hit me. I am a psychologist, not an influencer. Apparently, I got that twisted for a little bit. Mental health is my profession, not my hobby or gig. My goal is to share information about wellness and growth, not become a household name. Wanna know what else? I also realized that everyone does not deserve access to me at all times. On all platforms. That malarkey is exhausting! I figured, if people truly want to engage (or just giggle), they'll follow my Facebook page, subscribe to my website and YouTube channels, or actively participate in my groups. Why in the world was I chasing folks like a hound chasing a rabbit?

I'm not seeking likes, shares, or comments. I'm not seeking approval or attention. I'm not being pretentious. I am perfecting my craft and protecting my peace. I am THE FOCAL POINT. Sometimes, we have to take a step back and reassess. I did, lesson learned, and I pray you do the same.

Dr. B

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