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Time to Unlearn!

I tell my clients "You should learn something everyday." It can be as simple as a new joke. Well, I'm flipping. Kinda sorta. Sometimes we need to UNLEARN things. If you're anything like me, you've picked up a bad habit or two along the way. I don't mean smokin' and drankin' (no judgement.) I mean habits that negatively affect my mental health. I used to think I needed everyone's approval. Bump that. That thought has been "unlearnted." But I am still working on unlearning that "time heals all wounds." 19 years ago, I lost my momma. I'm still hurt (and sometimes straight up pissed) and that's ok. Telling myself "Well, at least you had her for 29 years" is a bunch of malarkey. I don't have to try to make myself feel better. I can just...feel. Time DOES NOT heal all wounds. I'm living proof.

This week, let's learn to unlearn. Let's let go of those unrealistic expectations and standards that leave us feeling like poop. In this week's article, Martha Beck breaks things down for us. This will be a great kickoff to unlearn what I have learned. Wanna unlearn with me?



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