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"Get out of My Head!"

Yesterday, I could not get this one song out of my head! It was "Get Into It (Yuh)" by Doja Cat. Mind you, I can't understand 95% of what this chic is saying, but that song stuck. I was singing (making up my own lyrics of course) this freakin' song all dang dong day. It didn't matter what I did, I could not shake it. "They say I just got a buck! Get into it, yuh!"

Ever have a thought get stuck in your head that you just can't seem to shake? Our minds are constantly at work whether we realize it or not. Sometimes, it's just weird or annoying (like that Doja Cat jam), but it can be much more serious. Thinking about something more than once may not be a big deal, but constantly having the same thoughts over and over again can be draining. Mind you, these intrusive thoughts are likely some junk that makes you feel like crap. Whether the thoughts are true or not, they can be toxic. They tell you you're worthless, useless, hopeless, helpless, unlovable, alone, and not worthy of being on this earth. It's like you're serving a life sentence without any chance of parole. It's like you're stuck in a black hole with no potential for escape. It's almost impossible to go about your day with intrusive thoughts holding you captive. Sounds exhausting, right? It can be some really scary stuff.

I want you to know more about what intrusive thoughts are and how to face them head on. This week's article is a great place to start, but if this sounds like something you're dealing with, don't go about it alone. Find a therapist who can help you work through this. You can read all the articles and blogs in the world, but ain't nothing like a good ole trained professional guiding you through the process.

P.S. Go to to find a trained professional in your area. You can filter by location, specialty, gender, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, price, and accepted insurance. If you prefer the guidance of an African-American therapist, check out



Karen Wells
Karen Wells
Oct 14, 2022

I hate intrusive thoughts. Mine are always bad thoughts about something happening to me or my family. I stay praying them away. 🙏🏾

Dr. B
Dr. B
Oct 15, 2022
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